Gordon Newton

Lapidarist Artist/Artisan

Gordon was born in Grafton and has lived and worked in Lismore and Ballina, Northern NSW, Australia for over 32 years – his background is in electrical engineering and design.

Lapidary relates to engraving, cutting or polishing of stones and gems and Gordon’s interest in lapidary began when on holiday in Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia.  After seeing opals mined and transformed from rough opals to polished gems, this inspired Gordon to join the local area Lapidary Club.  It was through the Lapidary Club that Gordon began to learn the fundamentals of cutting and polishing stone – since then he has set up his own workshop in his garage!

Gordon finds lapidary interesting and relaxing and, since his retirement, has had the opportunity to travel and source rocks from Gemforests and accredited miners around the country.

By learning about the many geological factors and the millions of years that it has taken to form rocks and minerals, this inspires Gordon to create and display amazing and unique gems – the beauty of nature always leaving Gordon in awe.

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