Braidin Dasnov
Braidin Dasnov’s inspiration for his lino prints come from the thin strip of coastal landscape covering the tidal zones and the dunes and swales that form the back parts of the Australian beaches and foreshores.

When making the lino prints, the black line work is first cut and printed onto 300gsm Arches watercolour paper by means of a hand operated press, when the ink is dry, the prints are individually hand coloured using Artist quality watercolour pigments.

Kay Knights
Kay is a contemporary artist who lives and works in the coastal town of Lennox Head in the Northern Rivers of NSW.
Inspired by her garden and the natural world, Kay’s artworks explore the landscape and both wild & domestic animals.

She is a multidisciplinary artist, her art practice includes both oil and acrylic painting, printmaking and sculpture. Her most recent works are abstract landscapes that are drawn from the colours of the area she lives in and informed by the patterns and shapes seen on many walks on the beach and in the bush nearby.