Kay Knights

Kay Knights is an Australian contemporary artist who lives and works on the east coast of Australia in the coastal town of Lennox Head in northern New South Wales.    Inspired by her experiences of her garden and the natural world, her artworks explore the landscape and both wild and domestic animals.  A multidisciplinary artist, her art practice includes both oil and acrylic painting, printmaking and sculpture.  Her most recent works are abstract landscapes that are drawn from the colours of the area she lives in and informed by the patterns and shapes seen on many walks on the beach and in the bush nearby. You can follow her on Instagram at kayknightsart or on Facebook Kay Knights.

“Lennox is a magical mixture of sea, sand and sunshine – often overlaid by a blanket of soft salt spray.  These landscape abstracts are my musings on the patterns found on the beach, the trees, the seaweed, foam on the beach and mysterious patterns in the sand. “

I have been captivated by the fleeting beauty and stories of flowers for many years now - to me they represent life - it has been said that in a flower you find birth, sex and death. For me capturing a flower in my painting is capturing a moment in time.  My most recent body of work was started during 2020 Lockdown and continues now through the aftermath. I have been drawn into layering in symbols of hope through the motif of moon and flowers - all of which have their own messages. Many of these flowers deliver strong memories of my time growing up in South Africa as well as living in England and, of course, here in Australia. 

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