Our Aim

To create a space which will allow the encouragement and promotion of artists and artisans in the design and creation of unique, high quality, handcrafted art and craft.

Our Objectives

The association has been established since December 2014 and continues to showcase all types of good quality local artistic expression.

To find, foster and nourish young artisans in the development and creation of their own unique works of art and to showcase that artwork in the gallery.

Organise, nourish and promote the learning and acquisition of artistic skills within the community by delivering workshops in various artistic pursuits.

Encourage artisans to become participants and to assist in the promotion of their creations.

Join various clubs and associations to help in the creation of a network via activities within the community to assist in the promotion of the gallery and its artisans.

Engage with like-minded community based organizations to encourage and develop their patronage of the arts and crafts within our region.