Featured artist(s) for September 2021 – Kay Knights

Kay is a contemporary artist who lives and works in the coastal town of Lennox Head in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Inspired by her garden and the natural world, Kay's artworks explore the landscape and both wild & domestic animals. She is a multidisciplinary artist, her art practice includes both oil and acrylic painting, printmaking and sculpture. Her most recent works are abstract landscapes that are drawn from the colours of the area she lives in and informed by the patterns and shapes [...]

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Featured artist(s) for August and September 2021 – Braidin Dasnov

Artist - Print Maker Braidin's inspiration comes from the thin strip of coastal landscape covering the tidal zones and the dunes and swales that form the back parts of the Australian beaches and foreshores. When making the Lino Prints, the black line work is first cut and printed onto 300gsm Arches watercolour paper by means of a hand operated press, when the ink is dry, the prints are individually hand coloured using Artist quality watercolour pigments. Each print is numbered as part of the lim [...]

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Featured artist(s) for June 2021- Rosemary Bambrook and Jennifer Unwin

Rosemary uses both wheel and hand building techniques to form practical kitchenware (and she has a passion for creating delicious food that looks and tastes great) her dishes are decorated with vibrant colours using interesting patterns and designs taken from nature, these are always changing as new ideas are prolific. This exhibition includes large platters, bowls of all sizes, jugs, mugs, beakers and vases – the patterns have been taken from leaves, flowers, snakeskin, dots and the sea. Jenni [...]

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Featured artist(s) for April 2021 – Christine O’Leary and Charlotte Russell

We have 2 featured artists for April: Christine O'Leary and Charlotte Russell Christine O'Leary is a talented resin artist having worked with colour, design and decor throughout her career. Christine's resin creations incorporate strong colours and unique concepts into items of fashion, art, jewellery and homeware. Her moto is "When you feel good and are surrounded by good, you walk taller and project positivity." Charlotte Russell is a watercolour artist who sometimes pai [...]

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Featured artist(s) for February 2021 – Penny Levett

Penny Levett has recently moved to Clarence Valley, after residing in The Southern Highlands NSW for 20 years. A qualified Graphic Designer, Penny  took on the challenges and joys of working hands on with watercolour and mixed media late in life. Colour, shape and texture inspire her the most and determine her choice of subject, composition and medium. Travel, photography and keen observation play a role in her creative process. Levett’s background has instilled a need to represent detail, high [...]

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Featured artist(s) for January/February 2021 – Julie Pallant

Featured artist exhibition The exhibition showing in the Creative Artisans Gallery in the Wigmore Arcade Ballina for January/February features the work of Julie Pallant, a local Ballina Photographer. It showcases some of the different ways that photos can be digitally enhanced to make them more ‘painterly’. The exhibition showcases four aspects of Julie’s current works: Historic buildings This series features some of the historic buildings in the Northern Rivers. Photos have been digitally conv [...]

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