Featured artist(s) artist for November & December 2022

My name is Janice Crouch and I am passionate about Christmas. I was born in Canada and moved to Ballina 34 years ago. As a child my mother would take me to the city to see the beautiful Christmas shop window displays and I think this is where my love for all things Christmas evolved. I started creating, over 40 years ago, Christmas ornaments for the tree, walls and doors. I love creating, designing and hand-making ornaments out of simple materials such as pegs, shells, nuts etc whatever I can fi [...]

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Featured artist(s) artist for October 2022

Charlotte picked up a paintbrush, for the first time since early high school, approx. 13 years ago - since then she have fallen in love with art ... again. Her first love is watercolour, but she sometimes paints in oil and acrylic. Charlotte also enjoys life drawing and developing mono prints from her drawings. As she is still in the work-force, her time is limited and precious, so she prefers quick studies which she hopes captures the mood and feeling of the subject. For Charlotte painting is p [...]

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Featured artist(s) artist for September 2022

Christine comes from a background of dress and interior design, art, décor and homewares, and now jewellery. Colour has been a major part of her creative life and she brings colour into all her works. All of Christine's individual unique works are created in her studio in Lennox Head where she takes inspiration from the ever changing colours of her surrounds. Christine's uses RESIN to create wonderful collections of jewellery and homewares using vibrant colours and as much locally sourced produc [...]

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Featured artist(s) artist for August 2022

Stedroy is a retired Software Engineer, he has enjoyed playing with timber since he was a boy and made his first guitar when he was a teenager. The thought of retirement without a plan truly worried him, so several years prior, Stedroy and is wife planned where they would live and what he would do with his time - hence, his workshop was born! Stedroy spend his days creating objects from salvaged timber, he let's the wood talk to him to determine the article that he will create - it may be a box, [...]

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Featured artist(s) artist for July 2022

Kay is an Australian contemporary artist who lives and works on the east coast of Australia in the coastal town of Lennox Head in northern NSW and is inspired by her experiences of her garden and the natural world. Her artworks explore the landscape and both wild and domestic animals. Kay is a multidisciplinary artist, her art practice includes both oil and acrylic painting, printmaking and sculpture. [...]

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Featured artist(s) artist for June 2022

Rosemary uses both wheel and hand building techniques to form practical kitchenware (and she has a passion for creating delicious food that looks and tastes great) her dishes are decorated with vibrant colours using interesting patterns and designs taken from nature, these are always changing as new ideas are prolific. [...]

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Featured artist(s) artist for May 2022

Penny Levett moved to Northern Rivers NSW from The Southern Highlands NSW where she lived for 20 years. Penny was a qualified Graphic Designer and later in life she took on the challenges and joys of working hands-on with watercolour and mixed media. Inspired by colour, shape, and texture determine Penny's choice of subject, composition and medium. Travel, photography, and keen observation also play a role in her creative process. Penny’s background has instilled a need to represent detail, high [...]

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Featured artist(s) artist for April 2022

Watercolour, oil, acrylic and pastels Artist/Artisan As an accomplished artist, for her works Grace uses watercolour, oil, acrylic and pastels which have a very expressive impressionist style and display a passion for colour, movement, and light. Grace was born and educated in the rural backdrop of Northern NSW and has developed a keen interest in art from a young age – a sketchbook and pencil were never far from her grasp. Art became the natural focus for Grace’s further studies and she used he [...]

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Featured artist(s) artist for March 2022

As far back as she can remember Lydia has always loved painting, drawing, colouring-in and doing various craft projects. Drafting for 9 years further honed her hand skills, although painting took a back seat during that time. It wasn't until Lydia moved to Ballina in 1997 that she finally gave in to her urge to paint and has basically painted every day since. Lydia's painting continues to evolve and is largely inspired by the natural world and the creatures that inhabit it. Painting is something [...]

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Featured artist(s) artist for February 2022

Deb McFarlane was born in Lismore and grew up on the Far North Coast of NSW – Deb lives in Ballina and is a freeform tapestry weaving artist. Freeform tapestry weaving is a type of art form that is a specific type of weaving in which the colour and texture can change at any point, and it allows a picture to form with the yarns. No patterns or pen lines are used, Deb visually transforms the image from a photo or sketch into a woven picture – this requires skills in design, colour and technique. D [...]

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