Janice Crouch
Janice CrouchChristmas decorations
My name is Janice Crouch and I am passionate about Christmas. I was born in Canada and moved to Ballina 34 years ago.

As a child my mother would take me to the city to see the beautiful Christmas shop window displays and I think this is where my love for all things Christmas evolved.

I started creating, over 40 years ago, Christmas ornaments for the tree, walls and doors. I love creating, designing and hand-making ornaments out of simple materials such as pegs, shells, nuts etc whatever I can find – bling is nice too! There is nothing more endearing than a handmade ornament made with love and I take pride in creating unique, one of a kind wall/door hangings. These make a lovely inside display rather than the front door for extra festiveness.

It would be safe to say, in my home It’s Christmas All Year Round!