Lydia KovacsWatercolour
As far back as she can remember Lydia has always loved painting, drawing, colouring-in and doing various craft projects.

Drafting for 9 years further honed her hand skills, although painting took a back seat during that time.

It wasn’t until Lydia moved to Ballina in 1997 that she finally gave in to her urge to paint and has basically painted every day since.

Lydia’s painting continues to evolve and is largely inspired by the natural world and the creatures that inhabit it. Painting is something she need to do, it is a spiritual practice that is both healing and sustaining. For Lydia, painting is meditative, in the moment, allows her to empty her mind, escape pain and is part of her healing journey … she loves it.

Lydia has had the below exhibitions:

– 2 solo exhibitions at Sirocco and Red Rock Cafes

– 2018 Highly Commended Award at Bentley and Ocean Shores Exhibitions